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Alabama | Metcalf & Company LLC
Company History

Where We Started is the Foundation of Where We’re Going

Who We Are

Metcalf & Company LLC was formed in 2017 by Cameron A Metcalf & Connor Metcalf. It all started when Connor approached Cameron for guidance on what career path he should pursue. At the time, Connor was attending Jacksonville State finishing his undergraduate degree after chasing a lifelong dream to play baseball professionally. He was torn between going to law school or trying to pursue a career in public accounting.

At the time, Cameron was a partner of a local law firm in Dothan. This local firm specialized in helping others with financial difficulties. However, before going to law school, Cameron practiced as a certified public accountant. He spent over 10 years working in both public and private sectors.

After Connor asked for his guidance on which route to pursue, Cameron had the brilliant idea of forming a company that would help others by offering both accounting and legal needs. Also, this idea would be a way for him to work with his son.

Cameron pitched the idea to Connor and offered him the opportunity to move back to Dothan to form this new company as partners. Together, they share the same vision of helping others live and protect their best financial life.

Let Our Experience Guide Your Future

Find the right tools to achieve security and comfort with personal and corporate legal and accounting services.

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