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Alabama | Metcalf & Company LLC
Our Values

We’re Here to Do Our PARTT

We’re dedicated to creating a positive impact on the people we serve and our local community as a whole. Through the programs we provide, our financial team aims to alleviate financial burdens and contribute to the well-being and economic advancement of those we serve. By extending a helping hand, we’re here to strengthen communities and pave the way for a brighter future for all.


As professionals, we care about every aspect of our work. We’re dedicated to supporting you with the competency and skill you’d expect when addressing the personal matter of finances.

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Being accountable in our work means having evidence and sound judgment for every decision we make. We back up all of our choices with solid reasoning that aligns with your goals, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Our team understands the importance of your time and the energy you put into accomplishing your financial goals. We’re here to address your concerns as they arise, and we won’t leave you unattended.

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We’re adamant about ensuring you understand every aspect of the work we do. Each step of the way, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing to secure your financial future and why we’re doing it.

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We build a strong working relationship with every client, getting to know them and their goals. We want to ensure your comfort by proving ourselves through the work we do, earning your respect and trust.

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Our services are carefully designed to help you accomplish your best financial future.

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